Saturday, February 2, 2013

Upper Back Pain Relief Exercises

Upper back pain can be decreased every day, with pain relief exercises done three times a week.

If you have severe neck, shoulder, or back pain, a physical therapist or a chiropractor will help correct your posture, stretch you some, and help you learn to reverse your habits of chronically straining your neck.

 It's up to you to follow up with upper back pain relief exercises!

If your work station, for example is poorly set up, your your neck muscles are tense all day, unnecessarily. You may need a lumbar support on your chair, and you may need to lower or raise your computer monitor.

Your muscles don't work in isolation. Poor use of the neck muscles will involve

  • the shoulder
  • upper back
  • low back
  • chest
  • arm muscles 
You may feel the pain in your neck first. Then you will most likely feel upper back pain, low back pain and shoulder pain too, at some later time.

A little about myofascia "wrap".

Fascia is a wrap, connecting all of your soft tissues. It would look like plastic wrap, enveloping your muscles and other soft tissues.

There is one section that goes from head to toe. When your myofascial wrap turns to Shrink Wrap - you'll feel it! Your fascia can wrinkle, shrink, get tense and less flexible.

Yet you can learn to change that, so easily. 

The following short video clip shows pain relief exercises for the upper body:

Developing chronic neck and back pain can be prevented, by changing your lifestyle a little bit, and including a routine from the best stretching exercises I've found yet.

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