Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diet Exercise Plan Weight Loss

Diet with an exercise plan brings weight loss.

Doesn't it?

I want to tell you how it is working for me.

Firstly, I'm "old". Yup, a senior.

Having grown up in ballet, aging started at about 28 years old. I know, awful right?

Yet before I got pregnant at 37, I weighed 105 pounds. My mom called me "the skull".

But wow did that pregnancy ever change everything. Yet in spite of it, I got pretty thin afterwards.

Fast forward to menopause...and many health challenges...and gaining weight.

I have tried so many things!

Now, at a desk job (sitting is the new stroke - are you as tired of hearing that as I am?) and writing in my own time, what on earth can work?

Recently I read Dr. Mercola's book "Effortless Healing" and learned about the intermittent fasting, eating your meals within 8 hours a day. Not hard to do.

And I pulled out a DVD, a Classical Stretch DVD by Miranda Esmonde White a school mate of mine. I have a few!

O.K., so shameless bragging - for an old lady who  sits on a chair all day.

Two weeks ago I started the intermittent fasting. And added in the Classical Stretch workout three times a week. Insulin resistant me - yes moi!

Over the first four days I lost five  - that is 5 - pounds!

I know that you and I, already know there is no good diet plan without exercise.

And no good exercise plan without diet - right?

I may have found the winning combination! Seriously, if you're frustrated with exercise and losing weight - try it!

"Effortless Healing" by Dr. Joseph Mercola covers a lot of health information.
 Effortless Healing Joseph Mercola

And DVD's by Classical Stretch and Essentrics (mom and daughter development) will not let you down.
 Essentrics Flexibility Workout For Athletes

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Need A Muscle Roller Stick - Check Amazon

The Handy Muscle Roller Stick

 Elite Sportz Muscle Roller Stick

There are many reasons why a muscle roller stick is in the equipment bag or cubby for those of us who love to do fitness stretching workouts.

A muscle massage stick is like a self-application of myofascial release physical therapy. I talk about myofascia more in this blog post.

The Elite Sportz Equipment stick is backed up by the company's money back guarantee.

Reviews are very positive about this particular muscle massage tool. Both athletes and casual exercisers use it both before and after workouts.

Use of this roller helps loosen up tight muscles and increases circulation before a workout. Use it before your regular warm up, your golf stretching exercises, your shoulder workout routine or your stretching to get a higher arabesque!

This massage roller stick can be used to enhance muscle recovery after a workout, golf game, or ballet class. You can get rid of accumulated muscle tension fast.

Here's a short video demonstrating how easy it is to use the Elite Sportz muscle roller stick on Amazon.

I use it on my upper back too - held behind me, rolling it back and forth between the spine and shoulders.
 It can be used easily, sitting, legs bent, on the calves and hamstrings. I think this muscle roller stick is a good buy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Upper Back Pain Relief Exercises

Upper back pain can be decreased every day, with pain relief exercises done three times a week.

If you have severe neck, shoulder, or back pain, a physical therapist or a chiropractor will help correct your posture, stretch you some, and help you learn to reverse your habits of chronically straining your neck.

 It's up to you to follow up with upper back pain relief exercises!

If your work station, for example is poorly set up, your your neck muscles are tense all day, unnecessarily. You may need a lumbar support on your chair, and you may need to lower or raise your computer monitor.

Your muscles don't work in isolation. Poor use of the neck muscles will involve

  • the shoulder
  • upper back
  • low back
  • chest
  • arm muscles 
You may feel the pain in your neck first. Then you will most likely feel upper back pain, low back pain and shoulder pain too, at some later time.

A little about myofascia "wrap".

Fascia is a wrap, connecting all of your soft tissues. It would look like plastic wrap, enveloping your muscles and other soft tissues.

There is one section that goes from head to toe. When your myofascial wrap turns to Shrink Wrap - you'll feel it! Your fascia can wrinkle, shrink, get tense and less flexible.

Yet you can learn to change that, so easily. 

The following short video clip shows pain relief exercises for the upper body:

Developing chronic neck and back pain can be prevented, by changing your lifestyle a little bit, and including a routine from the best stretching exercises I've found yet.

Classical Stretch The Complete Season 8 -Age Defying Series

 Classical Stretch The COmplete Season 8

Your overall flexibility will increase with neck tension release, and you can buy this neck and back pain relief series right now!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hip Flexibility Exercises - How They Work

Hip flexibility is important. Hip flexibility exercises will help balance the tension in the hips, and prevent strength training from resulting in spasms or soreness. Muscle relaxation increases muscle tone, as tense muscles cannot function with the same strength as relaxed, stretched muscles.

A stretching routine that includes the whole body is the best, starting with the neck muscles and working down. For chronic muscle pain in any area, a full body approach to stretching exercises will serve you best.

To become more flexible at the front of the hip you will stretch:
***the quadriceps muscles at the front of the thighs
***the psoas muscle that runs from the top of the front of the thigh over the hip bone and up into the front of your spine.

To become more flexible at the side and back of the hips you will stretch:
***the ballet turnout muscles. Your lateral rotator muscles are your prime turnout muscles, specifically: Piriformis;Obturator Internus;Obturator Externus;Quadratus Femoris; Gemellus Superior; Gemellus Inferior. These muscles lie underneath your gluts, or "butt muscles' which can retain much tension from weakness and overuse.

If you are not particularly athletic, the sooner you learn about hip stretches the better. As you age, you can preserve hip strength and balance, preventing falls and hip fractures.

Get your DVD that includes the details of hip flexibility exercises, all the important body stretches, as well as myofascial release instruction, Flexibility Workout For Athletes.

 Flexibility Workout For Athletes

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Easy Stretching Exercise To Increase Your Ballet Turnout

This isn't one of those ballet stretches that you need a studio a ballet barre, or dance wear for. This one is easy, because you do it sitting in a chair.

You can do it right now!

You will feel your turnout muscles, and feel an easy but deep stretch. Releasing tension will help you increase your ballet turnout.

Stretching exercises are necessary to relieve tension in your muscles, thereby improving muscle tone.

So, sitting on a chair, with both feet flat on the floor, lift up one foot and cross it over the other thigh. Just like a normal sitting position. Next, clasp your hands under your bent knee, and push down into your hands with that thigh.

The feeling is subtle, and a little different. This is resistance stretching.

Different angles: you can turn into the bent knee further, and you will get a slightly different stretch in your turnout muscles.

Turning away from the knee, the stretch will feel a little different.

Do each side. If you have a tighter side, you can always repeat that side again, to get an extra stretch.

Get your own DVD of stretching exercises, beautifully demonstrated so you can learn them all. Here's an interview with the lady who will see when you buy your DVD:

You can hip flexibility exercises - buy it here.