Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diet Exercise Plan Weight Loss

Diet with an exercise plan brings weight loss.

Doesn't it?

I want to tell you how it is working for me.

Firstly, I'm "old". Yup, a senior.

Having grown up in ballet, aging started at about 28 years old. I know, awful right?

Yet before I got pregnant at 37, I weighed 105 pounds. My mom called me "the skull".

But wow did that pregnancy ever change everything. Yet in spite of it, I got pretty thin afterwards.

Fast forward to menopause...and many health challenges...and gaining weight.

I have tried so many things!

Now, at a desk job (sitting is the new stroke - are you as tired of hearing that as I am?) and writing in my own time, what on earth can work?

Recently I read Dr. Mercola's book "Effortless Healing" and learned about the intermittent fasting, eating your meals within 8 hours a day. Not hard to do.

And I pulled out a DVD, a Classical Stretch DVD by Miranda Esmonde White a school mate of mine. I have a few!

O.K., so shameless bragging - for an old lady who  sits on a chair all day.

Two weeks ago I started the intermittent fasting. And added in the Classical Stretch workout three times a week. Insulin resistant me - yes moi!

Over the first four days I lost five  - that is 5 - pounds!

I know that you and I, already know there is no good diet plan without exercise.

And no good exercise plan without diet - right?

I may have found the winning combination! Seriously, if you're frustrated with exercise and losing weight - try it!

"Effortless Healing" by Dr. Joseph Mercola covers a lot of health information.
 Effortless Healing Joseph Mercola

And DVD's by Classical Stretch and Essentrics (mom and daughter development) will not let you down.
 Essentrics Flexibility Workout For Athletes

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